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Are you an employer or owner of a small service or product-related business, with one or more individuals in your employ? If so, have you considered how important it is to issue paycheck stubs to your employees—aside from the obvious reason that you are required to do so by law?

The task of creating paycheck stubs is one of great importance, one that offers benefits to both your company and the employees who work there. The problem is this can be a very laborious and time-consuming chore, especially when trying to calculate the various salaries and rates of many different employees by hand. Fortunately, there’s an easier way.
With a paycheck stub template—an Excel paycheck stub template made using one of the most popular Microsoft programs—this job can be very manageable and easier than you might think. To illustrate this, in the following article we will outline the many items of information that, when added to a blank paycheck stub template, can help you save hours of time and lots of money, while meeting your legal obligation.

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